ℹ️What is Cassava?

Cassava aimed to bridge Web2 and Web3 through gamification and socialization, serving as a gateway to the Web3 world.

Cassava Protocol is an AI-first social data value mining protocol designed to establish an open and collaborative AI data network called Cassava Network that is accessible to all artificial intelligence systems.

Through the adoption of technologies such as FHE (fully homomorphic encryption) and ZKP (zero-knowledge proof), the Cassava Network is becoming an abstract distributed artificial intelligence data network used to transmit, store, and verify all user data in the network.

Cassava Network will be jointly strengthened by community members providing infrastructure to manage high-quality manually labeled AI training data and contributing to realizing an AI-based social data value mining protocol.

By establishing the Network, an open collaborative AI data network accessible to all AI through the social data value mining protocol, Cassava also provide permissionless infrastructure and incentives for community members to manage, store and share AI data, and users realize value by participating in network construction and data interaction.

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