CB Points

In the initial Cassava Task Platform, users could earn CB points as rewards for participating in tasks. CB points were the initial incentive mechanism, and we continue to use them to encourage user participation in network contributions further.

In Cassava Protocol, we provide a series of benefits to users holding CB points, including:

Income Bonus

CB points are important indicators of early contributions to the platform. Users holding CB points receive a bonus in CSV income when contributing data to the network. The bonus factor is determined based on factors such as the quantity and duration of CB point holdings.

Redeeming Network Benefits

CB point holders can exchange their points for various benefits in Cassava Protocol, including participation in specific staking revenue pools, specific airdrop pools, and participation in specific airdrop tasks. Redeeming these benefits will consume CB points.

Accelerated Earnings

CB point holders receive an earnings boost from the Staking revenue pool. The boost is also determined based on the user's CB point holdings within specific ranges.

In the future, we will continue to introduce a series of benefits and gameplay closely tied to CB points, making them an important catalyst for the operation of the network alongside CSV tokens.

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