DAO Governance

Cassava DAO is the decentralized autonomous organization of Cassava.

Holders of Cassava Avatars have governance rights over the Cassava Protocol within Cassava DAO, including voting rights, community proposal rights, and improving the efficiency of community governance.

Anyone can become a holder of Cassava Avatars and participate in the future development of Cassava DAO.

Cassava DAO Review Panel

The Cassava DAO Review Panel is an upper-level autonomous organization within Cassava DAO and an integral part of decentralized autonomous governance in Cassava.

Panel members are selected from the Cassava Avatar community and become participants in DAO governance, responsible for overseeing and making decisions on important matters related to the development and operation of the Cassava Protocol. They can vote on and review proposals, activities, and projects initiated by the community. Approved projects or proposals can be incorporated into Cassava's future development plans for implementation. Importantly, there are corresponding rewards and incentives in place to achieve a governance structure that benefits the community.

How to Join the Cassava DAO Jury?

The criteria for becoming a DAO member are as follows:

  • Holding DID for more than 30 days

  • Verified on Twitter/X

  • Familiar with Cassava DAO-related specifications

  • Participation in Cassava Protocol computing power supply.

Meeting these requirements successfully qualifies you as a member of Cassava DAO.

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