🌐Cassava Ecosystem

Connecting Web2 and Web3 users, it provides a system for completing tasks and earning rewards, and has evolved into a significant traffic gateway and promotional tool within the Cassava Ecosystem.

  • Positioned as the primary wallet for Web2 applications seeking to move to Web3 globally.

  • Enables access to the ecosystem of applications.

  • Built for compatibility and will gradually support both fungible assets and NFTs on multiple public chains.

  • Switch between different blockchain networks within Cassava mobile terminal to use and manage their crypto assets.

The AI data governance system is our primary focus at this stage, centred around the Cassava Protocol and supported by the extensive and complex Cassava Network. The value of this system primarily comes from Business Intelligence (BI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Cloud data warehouses (such as Snowflake) are experiencing rapid growth, primarily catering to SQL and BI user scenarios. The adoption of other technologies is also accelerating, with data lakes (such as Databricks) experiencing unprecedented customer growth. Heterogeneity within the data technology stack will coexist.

The "backend" includes data extraction, storage, processing, and transformation, and integration has begun around a small number of cloud service providers. As a result, customer data is being collected in a standardized system, and vendors are heavily investing in enabling easy access to this data for other developers.

"Frontend" engineers leverage this unified integration to build a range of new applications. They rely on cleaned and integrated data within the data warehouse/data lake without having to worry about the underlying details of how it was generated. Individual customers can build and purchase multiple applications on top of a core data system.

Cassava Ecosystem Overview

The Cassava Ecosystem is a Web3 ecosystem focused on AI data governance. Initially, we launched the Cassava Web3 marketing platform, which successfully engaged millions of Web2 users in Web3 tasks, driving early prosperity in the Web3 world.

New Developments: Cassava Network

Building upon our large user base, we have introduced a Web3 AI governance framework. This framework aims to establish an open, collaborative AI data network called the Cassava Network. Community members can manage, store, and share AI data with permissionless infrastructure and incentives. Users contribute to network development and data interactions, unlocking value.

Future Goals

In the future, we plan to:

  • Create structured and standardized datasets for AI training and model development.

  • Develop Web3 data labeling for efficient, fair, and transparent data collection and processing.

  • Drive advancements such as Decentralized Identifiers (DID).

Cassava Web3 Marketing Tools

The Cassava Ecosystem initially centered around the Cassava Web3 marketing platform, available on PC, iOS, and Android. This platform allows Web3 applications to publish tasks like social, DeFi, and gamified tasks. Users completing these tasks receive incentives in points and OAT, which can be exchanged for benefits within the ecosystem.

With a user base exceeding 980,000, the Cassava task platform remains a crucial Web3 marketing tool. Leveraging this user base, we are building a social data value mining system driven by a new data governance framework.

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